BLAM Excursion 2023 Godzd Martuljek, Slovenia

Organized by Simona Strgulc Krajšek

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The group


00-Hotel Spik.jpg

our futuristic hotel

14. September:

14-00 Aufbruch Skocjan Caves Park.jpg

briefing to our excursion to Skocjan Caves Park

14-01 luftfeuchter Wald.jpg

the humid forest

14-02 Porella platyphylla.jpg
14-03 Porella platyphylla male.jpg
14-04 Porella platyphylla female.jpg

male and female Porella platyphylla

14-05 Doline.jpg
14-07 Doline.jpg

the way down to the doline

14-08 Doline.jpg

the doline

15. September, Vrata Valley:

15-00 Vrata Tal  briefing.jpg

briefing to the excursion

15-02 Vrata Tal  Buxbaumia.jpg

finding Buxbaumia viridis

15-03 Vrata Tal  Buxbaumia.jpg

gathering around Buxbaumia

15-04 Vrata Tal  Buxbaumia.jpg

Buxbaumia viridis

15-05 Vrata Tal Radula.jpg
15-06 Vrata Tal Radula.jpg
15-06b Vrata Tal Radula.jpg

Radula lindbergiana, male

15-07 Vrata Tal.jpg
15-08 Vrata Tal Ctenidium.jpg

Ctenidium molluscum

15-09 Vrata Tal Alpi.jpg

Salamandra atra

15-12 Vrata Tal subalpin.jpg

we reaching the subalpine zone

15-13 Vrata Tal Paraleucobryum sauteri.jpg

Paraleucobryum sauteri

15-14 Vrata Tal Schistidium trichodon.jpg

Schistidium trichodon

15-15 Vrata Tal Hypnum sauteri.jpg

Hypnum sauteri

15-17 Vrata Tal Hydrogonium amplexicaule.jpg

Hydrogonium amplexifolius (a great find of Stefan)

15-20 Vrata Tal Bryologen Nachwuchs .jpg

the young bryologists were also very happy about all the nice finds

Pericnik waterfall:

15-23 Pericnik Wasserfall .jpg
15-24 Pericnik Wasserfall .jpg
15-25 Pericnik Wasserfall.jpg
15-26 Pericnik Moercia hibernica.jpg

Moerckia hibernica

15-28 Pericnik Bryum arcticum.jpg

Bryum (Ptychostomum) arcticum

16. September: Vršic Pass

16-01 Gruppe gute Laune.jpg

the group was in a very good mood, when we start to the Slemenova with perfect mountain weather (Kaiserwetter)

16-04 Aufstieg Slemenova.jpg

through the mountain pine belt

16-06 Slemenova am Pass.jpg

to the pass just above the tree line

16-08 Slemenova Tayloria serrata.jpg
16-09 Slemenova Tayloria serrata.jpg

Tayloria serrata as usual behind some shrubs beside the foothpath

16-10 Slemenova.jpg
16-11 Slemenova Sauteria.jpg

Sauteria alpina in deep rock crevices and holes

16-12 Slemenova Sauteria.jpg
16-13 Slemenova Sauteria.jpg

16-15 Slemenova Christian.jpg
16-16 Slemenova Het dimorph.jpg

Heterocladium dimorphum on humus of the mountain pines

16-17 Slemenova Het dimorph.jpg
16-20 Slemenova.jpg
spik of Slemenova
16-20 Slemenova Aussicht.jpg
perfect view to the Travnik mountains
16-24 Slemenova Abschied.jpg

a vistfull look and a farewell to the fantastic Slovenia