Fascicle 1, 3. extendet Edition 2013
Grimmiaceae - Michael Lüth 2013
Sphagnaceae - Michael Lüth 2011

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For the first time, all bryophyte species of Germany will be illustrated by photographs. Every species is illustrated on one page (A5) by an assemblence of  macroscopic and microscopic pictures, showing the typical appearence as well as all diagonostic relevant characters (see examples below). 

The Grimmiaceae includes 67 picture plates of nearly all german species of the genera Coscinodon, Dryptodon, Grimmia, Racomitrium und Schistidium.

The Sphagnaceae includes 36 picture plates of the german species of the genus Spagnum.

See an overview to the Spagnaceae at the bottom of the page:

List of treated species:
Grimmia laevigata
Racomitrium macounii
Schistidium spinosum
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Fascicle 2 -
2. revised Edition 2006
(1. Edition 2005)

Polytrichaceae - Michael Lüth
Dicranaceae - Michael Lüth
Mniaceae - Michael Lüth

The fascicle 2 includes 124 picture plates from all german species of the follow families (with the geni)
(Atrichum, Oligotrichum, Pogonatum, Polytrichum)
Dicranaceae (Aongstroemia, Bruchia, Campylopus, Ceratodon, Cnestrum, Cynodontium, Dichodontium, Dicranella, Dicranodontium, Dicranoweisia, Dicranum, Dictichium, Ditrichum, Kiaeria, Leucobryum, Oncophorus, Oreoweisia, Paraleucobryum, Pleuridium, Pseudephemerum, Rhabdoweisia, Saelania, Trematodon)
Mniacea (Cinclidium, Cyrtomnium, Mnium, Plagiomnium, Pseudobryum, Rhizomnium)

List of treated species:
Oligotrichum hercynicum
Sample pages from fascicle 2:
Dicranum dispersum
Cyrtomnium hymenophylloides
Sample pages from fascicle 1:

Price and order informations:

Fascicle 1 Grimmiaceae, M. Lüth, 3. new built Edit. 2013;
incl. Sphagnaceae, M. Lüth 2011
80 Euro
Fascicle 2 Polytrichaceae, Dicranaceae, Mniaceae, M. Lüth, 2. Edit. 2006 80 Euro
Fascicle 3 Pottiaceae, M. Lüth 2006 80 Euro
Fascicle 4 Bryaceae, M. Lüth & M. Ahrens 2007; Funariales, M. Lüth 2007 70 Euro
Fascicle 5 Andreaeaceae - Timmiaceae 2008, M. Lüth 80 Euro
Fascicle 6 Amblystegiaceae - Thuidiaceae, M. Lüth 2009 70 Euro
Fascicle 7 Brachtheciaceae - Sematophyllaceae, M. Lüth 2010 80 Euro

All prices incl. taxes and shipping in Germany
Shipping outside Germany is 5 Euro per fascicle.

Orders can be directed to:
Michael Lüth, Emmendinger Str. 32, D-79106 Freiburg, Germany
e-mail: mail(a)milueth.de

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Payments are possible by remittance to a bank account, cash, or PayPal.

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Fascicle 3 - 2006

Pottiaceae - Michael Lüth

List of treated species:

The fascicle 3 includes 126 picture plates from nearly all german species of the Pottiaceae with the follow geni: Acaulon, Aloina, Anoectangium, Barbula, Bryoerythrophyllum, Crossidium, Desmatodon, Didymodon, Eucladium, Geheebia, Gymnostomum, Gyroweisia, Hilpertia, Hymenostylium, Hyophily, Leptobarbula, Leptodontium, Oxystegus, Phascum, Pleurochaete, Pottia, Pseudocrossidium, Pterygoneurum, Scopelophila, Stegonia, Tortella, Tortula, Trichostomum, Weissia

Sample pages from fascicle 3:
Crossidium aberrans
Didymodon glaucus
Tortula laevipila

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Total list of species

Bildatlas der Moose Deutschlands - M. Lüth (Hrsg.)

Fascicle 4 - 2007

Bryaceae - Michael Lüth & Matthias Ahrens

Funariales - Michael Lüth

The fascicle 4 includes 110 picture plates from nearly all german species of the follow families (with the geni):
(Anomobryum, Bryum, Leptobryum, Milichhoferia, Orthodontium, Plagiobryum, Pohlia, Rhodobryum)
Funariales: Disceliaceae (Discelium), Ephemeraceae (Ephemerum, Micromitrium),
Funariaceae (Aphanorrhegma, Entosthodon, Funaria, Physcomitrium, Pyramidula), Splachnaceae (Tayloria, Tetraplodon, Splachnum).
List of treated species:
Bryum arcticum
Pohlia filum
Ephemerum minutissimum
Sample pages from fascicle 4:
The fascicle 5 includes 128 picture plates from all german species of the follow families (with the geni):
(Andreaea), Archidiaceae (Archidium), Aulacomniaceae (Aulacomnium), Bartramiaceae (Bartramia, Philonotis, Plagiopus), Bruchiaceae (Bruchia), Buxbaumiaceae (Buxbaumia, Diphyscum), Catascopiaceae (Catascopium), Cinclidotaceae (Cinclidotus, Dialytrichia), Encalyptaceae (Encalypta), Fissidentaceae (Fissidens, Octodiceras), Hedwigiaceae (Hedwigia), Meesiaceae (Amblyodon, Meesia, Paludella), Orthotrichaceae (Amphidium, Orthotrichum, Ulota, Zygodon), Ptychomitriaceae (Campylostelium, Ptychomitrium), Schistostegaceae (Schistostega), Seligeriaceae (Blindia, Brachydontium, Seligeria), Tetraphidaceae (Tetraphis, Tetrodontium), Timmiaceae (Timmia)

Fascicle 5- 2008

Andreaeaceae - Timmiaceae

Michael Lüth

List of treated species:
Sample pages from fascicle 5:
Bartramia halleriana
Orthotrichum rogeri
Seligeria recurvata

Fascicle 6 - 2009

Amblystegiaceae -

Michael Lüth

The fascicle 6 includes 106 picture plates from the german species of the follow families (with the geni):
(Amblystegium, Calliergon, Calliergonella, Campylium, Conardia, Cratoneuron, Drepanocladus, Hamatocaulis, Hygrohypnum, Leptodictyum, Platydictya, Sanionia, Scorpidium, Tomentypnum, Warnstorfia), Climaciaceae (Climacium), Cryphaeaceae (Cryphaea), Fabroniaceae (Anacamptodon, Fabronia), Fontinalaceae (Dichelyma, Fontinalis), Hookeriaceae (Distichophyllum, Hookeria), Leskeaceae (Habrodon, Lescuraea, Leskea, Pseudoleskea, Pseudoleskeella, Pterygynandrum, Ptychodium), Leucodontaceae (Antitrichia, Leucodon, Pterogonium), Neckeraceae (Leptodon, Metaneckera, Neckera), Thamnobryaceae (Thamnobryum), Theliaceae (Myurella), Thuidiaceae (Anomodon, Helodium, Heterocladium, Thuidium).
List of treated species:
Hamatocaulis vernicosus
Fabronia pusilla
Dichelyma capillaceum

Total list of species

A table of all treated species, with indices of fascicle number, family, order and species in Exel- and OpenOffice-format.. Because of family and order of species can change with while, you can search in the list, in which fascicle you will find a certain species.
Exel format: species_list.xls (279 k) - StarOffice format: species_list.sxc (47 k) - OpenOffice format: species list.ods (48 k)

A printable overview of all genera with the reference to family and fascicle number has been done from Michael Schön (many thanks to him) and can be download as a pdf here: GENERA

Fascicel 7- 2010

Brachytheciaceae -

Michael Lüth

Das Fascicel 7 contains 121 picture plates from the german species of the follow families (with the geni):
Brachytheciaceae (Brachythecium, Cirriphyllum, Eurhynchium, Homalothecium, Isothecium, Rhynchostegiella, Rhynchostegium, Scleropodium), Entodontaceae (Entodon), Hypnaceae (Ctenidium, Homomallium, Hylocomium, Hyocomium, Hypnum, Orthothecium, Platygyrium, Pleurozium, Ptilium, Pylaisia, Rhytidiadelphus, Rhytidium), Plagiotheciaceae (Herzogiella, Isopterygiopsis, Plagiothecium, Pseudotaxiphyllum, Taxiphyllum), Sematophyllaceae (Brotherella, Callicladium, Sematophyllum).

Sample pages from fascicle 7:
Brachythecium reflexum
Brachythecium reflexum
Hylocomium umbratum
Hylocomium umbratum
Callicladium haldanianum
Callicladium haldanianum
List of treated species:
Sample pages from fascicle 6:

Fascicle 1b - 2011

Sphagnaceae - Michael Lüth

Liste der bearbeiteten Arten:

The Sphagnaceae includes 36 picture plates of the german species of the genus Spagnum.

Sample pages from fascicle 1b:
Sphagnum warnstorfii
Sphagnum majus
Sphagnum centrale